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The FCHS Freshman Academy is a program designed to promote a successful and positive transition for students going from grade 8 into their freshman year at Fairfield Central High School. We focus to ensure that freshmen successfully graduate within four years with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in college and/or career. It is focused on a team approach that shares a common purpose toward developing a sense of community and a strong commitment to student achievement. The Academy staff aims to ensure that all students have a positive connection to school, are supported academically, socially, and emotionally.  We believe in creating a culture which promotes students to take responsibility for learning, develop self-confidence, and practice social responsibility. Freshman Academy staff members - a combination of teachers, counselors, administrators, and other support staff - will act as a team to monitor student progress and provide structure through consistent expectations.


The Freshman Academy is located in its own area of campus which further assists with the transition process by providing a smaller environment, reducing the number of distractions in between classes and allowing close proximity of teachers which facilitates communication. The majority of 9th grade core classes are held in the The Academy. Other classes are scattered throughout campus which gives freshmen an opportunity to interact with upper classmen.



The main goal of the The Academy is to ensure a successful 9th grade year for all students, but we need parent involvement and support.

Ways to help your child:

  • Be involved - attend Open House, activities/events, volunteer.
  • Communicate with teachers
  • Encourage good study habits

Monitor your child’s academic progress (Parent Portal)



Ms. Constance Tarrance, 9th Grade Professional School Counselor, will meet with all Freshmen students 4 times per year during their English classes. During classroom guidance sessions students will explore the following criteria:

  • Developing Good Habits 
  • Getting Organized
  • Expanding Horizons
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Choosing the right friends
  • Staying healthy 
  • Social and Emotional Development Development
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Plan for the Future




1. Seek opportunities to exhibit GRIFFIN pride.
2. Keep track of your assignments, and turn work in ON time!
3. Try your very best everyday and remember that everyday is a NEW day!
4. Take advantage of the help offered from teachers, counselors, administrators, and support staff. We are always here to help you!
5. Enrich your life at FCHS by participating in band, chorus, clubs, JROTC, athletics, dance, art, and other clubs and activities. The opportunities at FCHS are endless!
6. Ask for help! Freshman Academy teachers work together to tutor and reteach students.
7. Rest at night! You need 8 hours of sleep MINIMUM to be at your best.
8. Speak up! Seek the help of counselors when you're concerned about yourself or a classmate.
9. Attend school daily.
10. Always remember: We ARE Griffins! We WILL soar! We are THE Academy!









More information forthcoming...