TeenTech CompTIA A+ Computer Training Online Classes

Students will learn what it takes to be a computer technician. This includes an
understanding of computer components and software along with installation and troubleshooting techniques.

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FCHS Midlands Technical College Graduates

Welcome to FCHS!


Our theme for the 2019-2020 school year is: Making the Vision Clear, One Griffin at a Time. Fairfield Central High School is destined for amazing accomplishments and significant milestones. The gifts and talents of our students, combined with the dedication and passion of our teachers, allow us to strive for excellence. Excellence is not the result of a good intention or clever slogan. It is not a value that is easily achieved. It comes from a strong desire to improve how we do things when we see something we can do better. We continue to work hard to ensure that Fairfield Central High School will be recognized as a school that prepares their students and teachers for success. As we strive for excellence, we will move from good to GREAT.
Fairfield Central High School is a great place to be. Strong school-community relationships are essential to high academic achievement of our students. We made great strides last year, and we have a lot to be proud of.  A few of our highlights include 17 graduates of Midlands Technical College with Associate Degrees in Science and/or General Studies Certificates; 2020 State Teacher of the Year- Ms. Chanda Jefferson; SC Semi-finalist of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching- Mrs. Masdonati, and our new Journalism Program and local student-led community newspaper, The Fairfield Post.

Recent News

  • Inspire 168 New graduates a year
  • apple 59 New teachers hired a year
  • certificate 764 Happy students
  • clock 490 Community service hours